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Artist Statement 

In India, the distinction between drawing and painting is blurred, in fact they are the same word “Chitrakala”, a concept that deeply resonates within my artistic practice. Seamlessly weaving together to construct a unified narrative. Working primarily on paper, its humble yet versatile nature, offering ease of storage alongside its potential for exploration.

At the heart of my work lies the exploration of womanhood and the indispensable role of sisterhood in navigating the tumultuous currents of our world. Drawing inspiration from myths and narratives surrounding women, migration, and home, I explore the shared stories that unite us. Delving into the intersections of migration, cultural diversity, and the elusive concept of home. Each piece serves as a visual diary capturing the triumphs and tribulations encountered along the way. Through vibrant colors, intricate lines, and emotive imagery, I strive to foster a sense of connection and empathy, bridging the divide between disparate cultures and experiences.

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