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Art is an exploration of my inner and outer world coming together.

It’s where my intangible interacts with the tangible,  

Leading me to explore and express more of what I see and feel.

As a woman being present witnessing the vibrancy of life around me.

Our whimsical world filled with darkness, light and all shades in between. 

The unseen that weighs us down.





I enjoy the playfulness of color, mark making. Layering and patterns is an important aspect of my art practice. Evolving layers wherein creating history and depths. The dark humor of life and the silliness in complex societies fascinates me. My work oscillates between abstraction and representational. I create landscapes of fantastical memory. It is an exploration of various themes like women, duality of our inner and outer selves.

Our biases,

Our judgments,

Our similarities, 

Our differences,

Our hard edges, 

Our softness, 

Our dreams and yearning, 

I explore it all with my art. 


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